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Blending Systems

Petrak Industries' blending systems produce the scheduled production volume within specification at near-zero reblends, as well as sufficient automation to help lower labor costs. Read More

Drum Decanting

A drum decanting unit (DDU) by Petrak Industries is a mechanized, automated way to add drummed additives to the blending system. Read More

Pigging Solutions

A pigging system is a closed, self-cleaning piping system that transfers both liquid and solid bulk products between points in a process. Read More

Chemical Injection Skids

Chemical injection skids inject precise amounts of specific chemicals and reagents into a system at required temperatures, pressures and flow rates. Read More

Skid-Mounted Process Systems

Skid-mounted process systems allow you to bypass the challenges of onsite fabrication of systems including support and utility components. Read More

Pilot Plants

Petrak Industries maintains close working relationships with engineering firms that specialize in designing pilot plants and demonstration units. Read More

Customized Equipment

Petrak Industries, Inc. thrives on collaborative, trusting relationships with our customers. We get to know you and your business and ask the important questions about your project. Read More


Petrak Industries' team of qualified engineers and manufacturers can assist in the development of your product by providing detailed engineering, project management, procurement, fabrication and testing. Our products include: